This week my Facebook group was having a discussion around “some” men feeling like women were potentially using them for a free meal on the first date . The FEAR was so great, that many men who contributed to the discussion shared that this reason alone was why they only offered women coffee or bar first dates.

While this fear could quite possibly be founded in TRUTH, my Tip of the Week for MEN AND WOMEN is to just RELAX. Do NOT go into the first date with ANY expectations. Do not EXPECT this person to be your husband, your wife , your FWB or even your friend . Just look at the first date as an adventure in that moment, and that way you won’t feel AS DISAPOINTED if things do NOT pan out.

Sometimes the woman IS using you for a dinner, and sometimes you two just DO NOT CLICK and this may not even be revealed until after that in person encounter. Relax and just enjoy yourself ! There are plenty of other fish in the sea!