Dat Truth Diaries was born out of a hybrid of Dating Diaries and Dat Truth, both outlets created by Nicole Williams. Dating Diaries , now defunct, was a blog that Nicole created after countless hours laughing with her girlfriends about their crazy dating experiences. Dat Truth is a Facebook group that was created when Nicole Williams and Andre Williams (no relation) realized that they had a community of Facebook friends that responded to their daily Questions of the Day on their Facebook pages which centered around Relationships, Love, and Sex. In 2017, Nicole decided to merge the concept of Dating Diaries and Dat Truth into a website that could be used as a forum to share insight into Dating and Relationships with a wider audience .  This site is meant to be interactive and a safe space to share thoughts on Relationships and Love. Feel free to submit ideas and questions as well as make sure to comment in the Comment Boxes.


Please email me your hilarious dates ( to be posted anonymously) and Dating Questions dattruthdiaries@gmail.com

Peace and Blessings,


Nicole !