Dating Diaries

Dear Diary,
I met this guy online who was STUNNING. I’m talking 6’4, muscular build, played soccer, the perfect specimen. After chatting online for a bit, we met for our first date and as soon as he opened his mouth I could tell he was a super NERD. This was even more of a turn on since his body was crafted by the GODS!! After our first date, I learned he was really into power animals and zodiacs. I had never heard of “power animals” before but he wasted no time enlightening me. He even emailed me a detailed moon chart. His power animal was the eagle and he would talk about it nonstop on the phone and in person. When we had a date at the zoo, he wanted me to meet his parents. At first, I was a little shocked since things were still in the beginning stages, but let me clarify – he was referring to the Eagles in the bird exhibit as AS HIS PARENTS..Stay Tuned for more Dating Diaries!

Dear Diary,

I met David outside of my office building one afternoon as I was walking to my car in the parking lot. He was tall, dark, and handsome and had a smile that lit up the already bright parking lot! We exchanged telephone numbers and went on about our day. The next day David called and we had a brief, but funny, conversation. He asked if I was available Friday evening for dinner and I said yes. That Friday he picked me up at my house and we drove to the Cheesecake Factory and had dinner. David was dressed nicely and we ordered heartily from the drink, appetizer, and dinner menu. At this point, I was feeling him, he was down to earth, and funny, two qualities that are sometimes hard to come by these days! By the end of dinner, I was certain we would go out again!

When we both finished eating our dessert the waiter placed the bill on the table. David smiled at me and in a very calm, nonchalant voice said, “Oh no, I don’t have my wallet.” “Excuse me?” I said as I looked at our hundred-dollar bill. “I’m sorry sweetie but I don’t have my wallet,” he said again without F**king remorse….Stay Tuned for More Dating Diaries!

Dear Diary,

I met Michelle at a spot on K St in Washington,D.C. where my boy was celebrating his birthday. We were all chillin in VIP when Michelle walked by and she caught my eye immediately. She was tall, caramel complexion, nice lips, pretty face; I knew I had to holla at her before the night was over. Before we left the club, I had talked to Michelle and found that not only was she attractive, she had a really cool personality. We exchanged numbers and said we would keep in touch. Fast forward a month later, Michelle and I had talked on the phone a few times and met one time for lunch but between her schedule and mine, we were never able to spend real quality time with one another. One night I decided to invite her over to my house to “chill” and see what happened from there. She came by to visit me and we mostly watched movies and had some small talk. She laid her head on my shoulder on the couch and proceeded to run her hands over every inch of my body. At this point I’m feeling good and I know where this night is heading. I lead her into my bedroom at the end of the movie, and one thing led to the other. At about five in the morning I felt her get up out of the bed and say that she was going to get some water from upstairs and then leave, but for me not to worry about it and to stay in the bed. I rolled over and said, “No, no I’ll get up,” but next thing I knew, I had dozed back off to sleep and didn’t get back up until 30 minutes after she left. I went upstairs to the kitchen and looked around in shock! ..Stay Tuned for More Dating Diaries!


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